Safety Efficiency Minimal Intervention

To provide the best possible care, we use the same state of the art diagnostic equipment that is used in human medicine. All anaesthetised patients are monitored using the same multi-parameter monitoring machines used in human hospitals (ECG, end-tidal CO2, pulse oximetry, temperature and indirect blood pressure measurement). Equipment costs are one reason why veterinary care has become more expensive.

Newer technologies that depend on complex equipment, and those that are more time and labor-intensive necessarily cost more, and all imaging is relatively expensive. At the London Veterinary Clinic we understand this and are sensitive to how we can provide the best single technique or combination of imaging techniques to provide definitive answers for you at the lowest possible cost.

For ongoing conditions Grant, Bruce, Jo, Helen, Stephen, Lana, Natalia or Isabel will discuss with you your pet’s condition and the possible options open to you. At the conclusion of the consultation, we can provide you with estimates for these various diagnostic and treatment options. Our goal is to offer you the best possible care for your pet and to let you decide what is best for your pet and for your family.

Pet Health Insurance

We encourage you to investigate the advantages or disadvantages of pet health insurance. Over 400 different policies are available. We are not licensed to give financial advice but generally speaking the higher the premium the more extensive the coverage.

You may consider investing monthly the equivalent of a typical premium in an interest bearing investment. Hopefully you’ll never need to withdraw from that investment but if your pet will benefit from advanced diagnostics or treatment you are pre-prepared.

Our vet nurses spend considerable time away from clinical work providing the documentation that insurers ask for when you make an insurance claim. We will liaise with your insurers as needed to provide the information they need to process claims.