What We Do

The London Veterinary Clinic provides preventative and immediate medical and surgical advice, care and attention for London’s pets and pet owners. Located near the junction of Marylebone Road and Baker Street, we are easy to reach from all parts of north, west and central London.

How We Do It

  • We offer sensible, unhurried advice, at the clinic or when possible by telephone, on preventative health care.
  • We have a pragmatic approach to both diagnostics and treatments. Our objective is to inconvenience you and your pet as little as possible.
  • We understand that there are some circumstances in which urgent medications or treatments are needed and others in which it is best to keep interventions to a minimum.
  • We emphasise the health value of obedience training for dogs and also for cats. A well trained dog that obeys commands is less likely to be injured. An outdoor cat trained to meow when called is easier to find if he or she goes missing.
  • We promote the life-extending benefits of weight management. A life-long study in Labradors showed that dogs kept thin lived on average 18 months longer than their heavier brothers and sisters.
  • We extol the value of prevention. Preventing medical conditions or catching them early, saves discomfort, inconvenience and money.