Our vets Jo, Stephen, Helen, Lana and Isabel undertake all routine surgery with pets returning home the same day. Additional surgical expertise is provided by consultants either at York Street or locally in Bayswater or at referral hospitals such as The Ralph in Marlow. When routine hospitalisation is needed, this is managed by our associates at the Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic.

Surgery on elderly pets

The anaesthetics and drugs we use during surgery together with the methods we use to monitor vital signs are comparable to those used for us when we have hospital operations. Continuous monitoring includes blood pressure, electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide levels, and ventilation. With the skill of our staff, it is ‘normal’ for us to successfully operate on very old, very sick animals that have a multitude of medical problems. While we never take the administration of a general anaesthetic casually, anaesthetic complications are rare despite the sometimes severe nature of the problems we manage.