Puppy course at the London Vet Clinic

6-week course + Bonus training week


4- 5 PM or 5-6 PM

Three puppies per group

The arrival of a new furry member of the family can be both wonderful and overwhelming. You want to do everything possible for your pup and raise it to be a happy, confident dog. This unique course, created and supervised by Dr Natalia Aira Bewick DVM, MSc CAB, MRCVS (Head of Clinical Animal Behaviour at the London Vet Clinic), teaches you the skills to become your puppy’s best educator. Early training helps build a strong relationship between your pup and its human family.

We guide you through the training and socialisation of your pup. To ensure personalised and effective training we recommend that for all pups you:

  1. Schedule 20-30 minutes of training five days a week. We recommend resting for two days because it is just as important as training.
  2. Record some training sessions so that we can tailor training to your pup. We will show you how to do this.
  3. Please read through the course material prior to the class. We’ll send you a reminder when it’s time to read it.

Please don’t bring your puppy to the first class. This session lasts about an hour and a half, and we need your full attention to provide you with the foundational skills for the rest of the course. Tea, coffee, and snacks are provided.

Following the introductory class, you will have six 45-minute sessions to learn and practise training skills as well as how to socialise your pup. (The course syllabus is below.)

There are three puppies in each training group. We ask that up to two people from your home participate in each class. This way, we can ensure a positive experience for you and your dog while also personalising the training. Please remember. DO NOT bring your pup to the first session. There are two groups, one at 4 PM and one at 5 PM. You and your pup will attend in the same group at the same time each week.

Week Session What will you learn
General training and socialisation Skills to live in London
1 Dog basics Introduction session to acquire basic knowledge about understanding and teaching a dog. Common puppy problems management
2 Learning to be alone Practice skills that help puppies be alone. How to be calm in a café/restaurant
3 Resource guarding prevention Skills to prevent resource guarding Leave and drop potentially dangerous things they can encounter on walks.
4 Reactivity on walks prevention Loose lead walking, recall and other skills are essential for positive social interactions. Tolerating proximity of people and dogs on walks
5 Fear prevention Skills and habituation to loud and sudden sounds Building confidence and trust. Tolerating city noise
6 Handling and collaboration training Getting used to being handled. How to give medical treatments (i.e. Ear drop, flea, and worming medications) Positive vet visits
7 Bonus training week Further support in any skills you wish to practice or concern about your dog’s behaviour

Course fee £450 (£375 plus £75VAT)

Please email: behaviour@londonvetclinic.co.uk or ring us on 02077232068 for more information.