Our General Perspective

Of course our pets aren’t people in disguise. They’re dogs and cats. We all know that. But all of us at the London Veterinary Clinic know how irrational we are with our own pets, how difficult it is for us to think of them as anything other than honorary members of our families. We want them to be comfortable, we want them to be healthy and we want them to be happy. (Why we behave that way is another story.)

At the London Veterinary Clinic, our aim is to provide your pet with the type of care we want for our own dogs and cats. We want them to enjoy visiting us or at the very least not worry about visiting. We intervene as little as possible and when needed, keep your pets with us for as short a time as possible. Bruce, Hugo and Veronica are all experienced generalists but we all understand when it’s good to add more specialized experience to both diagnostics and treatments. We routinely refer to the specialists at Bayswater Referrals here in London and to Dick White Referrals at Six Mile Bottom near Cambridge. Visit ‘The Specialists’ for more information on the men and women you may meet at these facilities.