Peter Kertesz- Dental Surgeon, BDS (Lon), LDS RCS Eng, Hon Assoc RCVS

Peter has 40 years experience in veterinary dentistry and visits York Street to undertake specialist dental treatments. He is the author of the first textbook on comparative veterinary dentistry and is the first and only dental surgeon to be appointed an Honorary Associate of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. As well as caring for people and for companion animals Peter also treats other animals, from squirrel monkeys to walruses to elephants.

Monika Mazurkiewicz – Dental Nurse BA NCDSA

Monika has 15 years experience in veterinary dentistry as Peter’s skilled assistant. Since qualifying as a Dental Nurse, Monika accompanies Peter on all dental procedures he undertakes. As well as her first language, Polish, Monika also speaks Italian, ‘dog’ and ‘cat’. (She is also an award winning photographer.)

Patricia Holden White

We may recommend dog training advice at the Hammersmith Dog Training Club, 20 minutes from York Street in Acton. Patricia Holden White, originally from New York, founded the club almost 50 years ago where she and her colleagues provide training and advice for juvenile and adult dogs. Patricia is President of the British Association of Professional Dog Trainers and offers one-to-one remedial training for canine behaviour challenges. She has been Bruce’s literary agent for 40 years and co-authored books with Bruce including Puppy and Dog Care.

Nina Bondarenko
Originally from Australia, Nina has been training dogs for almost 40 years and runs weekly Puppy Classes on Wednesdays at 11 AM, at …Church on Hamilton Terrace, 10 minutes from York Street. Nina is available for home visits, to advise on problems such as unruly teenage dogs or on how to satisfy the needs of clever dogs that require a little extra mental activity.

Dr Elise Robertson BS BVetMed MACVSc (Feline) Dip ABV (Feline) FRCVS, American Board Certified Diplomate Feline Practice

Dr Robertson has extensive experience in endoscopy and endosurgery, the use of minimally invasive ‘scopes’ for both diagnostics and surgery. Elise’s carrying out these procedures at York Street means that we can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that would otherwise be carried out at a referral veterinary hospital. The types of procedures that are best done with ‘scopes’ include liver biopsies, deep ear and nose investigations, laparoscopic spays and examinations of the lining of the bladder. Your primary care vet may suggest asking Elise to assist with diagnostics and/or treatments.