At the London Vet Clinic we admire and respect animals as individuals

We are an independent, premium care general practice established for over 50 years in Marylebone in the heart of London


At the London Vet Clinic we enjoy animals as individuals

We are a multi-vet, independent, premium care general practice established for 50 years in the heart of London


Welcome to the London Vet Clinic

Longer than typical appointments in a pet-friendly environment mean we give you individualised, preventative advice about how to maintain your pet’s good health, what vaccines and parasite control are useful and if neutering is beneficial to either your pet or its human family. We have few blanket policies other than to do only what’s kind and caring for both of you.

Naturally, we are interested in you and your housemates but we are also always actively extending our veterinary skills. Many of us have postgraduate Masters degrees or advanced certification in fields such as small animal medicine, cardiology, clinical animal behaviour, gastroenterology and wild animal health.

Many of the London Vet Clinic vets and nurses also volunteer overseas to work in street dog and cat spay and neuter undertakings. We look forward to warmly welcoming you. We are here to help you and your pets.

When we’re not open please telephone 020 7723 2068. Our vet colleagues at Veteris will provide advice, see your companion in your own home or if needed at their 24 hour hospital in Shoreditch.

We welcome new clients

Fill out a Pet Registration form

You may know that there is a national shortage of vets and vet nurses. The situation is so difficult some clinics have closed or don’t take on new pets. We are immensely fortunate to be fully staffed and warmly welcome new visitors to York Street. After completing the online registration, please give us 48 hours to add your pet’s medical history to our records. Then contact us to book your first appointment. We will send a welcome letter to the email address you give us, once your pet is registered. If you have a veterinary emergency, please call the clinic immediately on 0207 723 2068. We will see both of you as soon as possible.

Please ask your previous veterinary clinic to email your pet’s clinical record to

(GDPR regulations say that only you may ask your previous veterinary clinic to send your pet’s medical records to us. We can’t do that on your behalf. We need these records at your first appointment, so please contact your vet clinic once you have completed the online registration.)