In the event of an emergency please call our special out-of-hours telephone number, 020 4571 3295. Your call will be answered by a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) at our colleagues, Veteris.

The veterinary nurse will help work through your concern. Whenever possible she or he will give you home advice. When veterinary attention is needed the RVN will arrange for a vet to visit your pet in your own home.

Our veterinary colleagues at Veteris are very experienced at providing a wide range of services such as intravenous drips, blood sampling or ultrasound examinations in your pet’s home. As in similar services in Paris and Brussels, 96 percent of problems can be attended to in your pet’s own home. If hospitalisation is needed, after your pet is stabilised and made comfortable, the vet will arrange transfer to local out of hours hospital facilities.

The visiting vets are trained in low-stress handling techniques and carry with them specific equipment and medicines to make your cat or dog as comfortable as possible. We are sent written reports as soon as possible and these are entered into your pet’s medical records at York Street.