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Please arrive at York Street 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, to give yourself time to park your car if you are driving. (If you have not registered with the City of Westminster’s parking by mobile phone system, stop at the clinic and pick up parking ‘scratch cards’ to cover the length of time you will be with us. A 33 minute card is usually safe for routine appointments. Then park in one of the parking bays on the map we give you.) We try our best to keep to schedule, but sometimes we do fall behind. We strive to be thorough and unhurried in our evaluation of your pets and our discussions with you. Sometimes pets have problems that are more complex than anticipated for the appointment time allotted. As a result, we may occasionally fall behind simply because we don’t want pet owners leaving without the benefit of a full discussion of a pet’s problem. Please be assured that when your appointment comes you will receive the same undivided attention. But please also allow sufficient time in your schedule for any such delays, as well as the consultation time itself.

A consultation involves observation and examination of your pet (and review of prior medical records if this is your first visit). The intensity and focus of the examination is determined by the overall age and condition of your pet and the particular problem for which he or she is with us. Much of the time will be spent asking you questions, clarifying any uncertainties, discussing the problem, and finally recommending any further evaluations and proposed treatments. We generally try to present a range of options where more than one option exists. How you choose to proceed is a decision for you to make; our job is to arm you with information, in a format you comfortably understand, so you can make appropriate choices. Of course, when asked we will always help with your decision-making. All of us use the same context when helping with decisions. “What would I do if this were my pet?”

If surgery is recommended, we will provide you with an estimate for the planned procedure(s). The estimate will cover pre-anaesthetic evaluation (including blood work, radiographs, etc.), anaesthesia, surgery, hospitalization, medications, and nursing care. It does not cover follow up care, outpatient rehabilitation therapy or complications.

Parking At York Street

Parking on York Street and nearby streets is mostly “pay-by-phone”. For those not pre-registered with the City of Westminster there is credit card parking on nearby Wyndham Street, Upper Montagu Street and further along York Street towards Baker Street. If you don’t have either your credit card or mobile phone with you, don’t worry. Parking may also be paid for by purchasing pre-paid ’scratch cards’ in £2.20 or £4.40 denominations. We always have £2.20 scratch cards available for you to use at the clinic. One card buys 33 minutes of local parking. Just stop on the yellow line in front of the clinic for a few seconds, drop in and ask reception for a scratch card.

Within a two minute walk of the clinic (We’ve walked it!) there are 37 Pay by Phone parking bays, 17 pay by Credit Card bays and 5 Disabled bays including one directly outside our front door.

If you want to register with City of Westminster parking and are having difficulties, write down the number of the parking bay you’ve parked in (listed on a nearby sign) and bring that number, together with your car’s registration number to us. We’ll do the rest.

York Street – in front on the clinic 8 Pay by Phone 1 Disabled

York Street – towards Baker Street 6 Pay by Phone 5 Credit Card

York Street – across Seymour Place 4 Pay by Phone 3 Disabled

Upper Montagu Street off York St 7 Pay by Phone 7 Credit Card 1 Disabled

Knox Street off York Street 4 Pay by Phone

Wyndham Street off York Street 8 Pay by Phone 5 Credit Card


The Congestion Charge

Auto Pay is the easiest method for paying London’s Congestion Charge. Once registered, there is no need to pay each time you enter the Congestion Zone. Your credit card is billed once a month and you are sent details of your monthly use. To register for auto pay go to:

If you prefer tp pay each time you visit the Congestion Zone this is done by visiting:


Taxis to and from York Street

Generally speaking London Black Cab drivers are usually happy to transport you and your pet to York Street. (That’s what our cabbie clients tell us.)

Black Cab Taxi numbers include:

Call-A-Cab020 8901 4444
Computer Cab020 7908 0207
DataCab020 7908 0000
Dial-A-Cab020 7253 5000
London Black Taxis020 3004 4953
Radio Taxis020 7272 0272

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