Bloat In Dogs


Bloat (Dilatation Volvulusn) followed by stomach rotation (volvulus) is a life-threatening condition in deep chested dogs. A partial or complete rotation of the stomach prevents material from entering or leaving the stomach. The abdomen swells. There may be drooling of saliva, retching, restless wandering, listlessness or signs of pain. This is an acute condition with a high fatality rate even for pets that receive immediate medical attention. Early diagnosis and surgical intervention combined with aggressive medical therapy increases the chances of survival. This condition is as serious as it gets. 

The risk of bloat runs in families. Middle-aged, large or giant breeds with deep, narrow chests are most at risk. These include the Great Dane, Weimaraner, Standard poodle, Irish wolfhound, Irish and Gordon setters and Doberman.

Bloat Prevention For Those At Risk

  1. Limited water consumption for an hour before or after each meal
  2. No draining the water bowl of its contents. Water consumed in moderate quantities
  3. No rolling or other exercise after meals
  4. Food divided into small meals has not been shown to reduce the risk of further bloating

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