Use Your Dog’s Name Wisely


The sights, sounds and smells of life are intriguing and your pup wants to investigate them now - instantly - whatever it’s doing.

To gain its attention you have to compete with the thrills and excitement of its new surroundings. You’ve already chosen a crisp, short and distinctive name for him or her so use it only to call for fun, games and rewards. Never call your pup to discipline it and never call it when you can’t enforce the recall. If it learns now, during these most impressionable weeks that response is optional you’ll find it frustratingly difficult in the future to get its attention for just about anything. During these first days with your pup get it attention only when you know you can. Dogs respond to happy voices, smiles, easy, non-threatening body language. For example, when calling your pup to “come”, squat down to its level, throw your arms open wide and enthusiastically say “Bean! Come!” Women usually find it easier to be theatrical than men do but guys, try it. It’s fun. And women love it when you behave this way. Don’t act like a dominant male with your pup. A harsh low voice is threatening, looming over your dog is intimidating, grabbing it triggers fear. Women, don't babble at your pup. Be brief and succinct with your commands. Use eye contact when needed but never force your pup to have intense eye contact with you. That can be frightening and counterproductive. If you’re in a bad mood, skip that training session. Don’t take it out on your pup.

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