Use Motivation And Rewards


Use Motivation And Rewards To Train Your Pup

From the very beginning, your relationship with your pup involves both leadership and friendship. Dogs innately understand status so start training your pup from the moment he or she becomes your responsibility. Make sure that in all your relationships with it, not just in formal training sessions, it understands by your actions and deeds that it is you it naturally respects. If formal training sessions are to be fast, productive and fun for both of you, your pup should be relaxed and not apprehensive in your company.

A relaxed pup learns faster. It appreciates your praise. At this young age it’s almost desperate to please you. Some people still feel that old fashioned punishment training, for example choke-chains to control boisterousness, works. Yes, dominance training can work but at the expense of creating needless fear in your dog. Motivation and rewards works better, works faster and is more productive than the old disciplinary methods that were originally developed by men for training military dogs.

Good timing is important. Actually, it’s vital. Give rewards such as toys, food or praise as soon as you see your dog is thinking about doing the right thing. That may sound abstract but it’s really quite simple. When we crouch down to say hello to your puppy, as soon as he or she moves towards us we reward with words of praise and a treat. The reverse also applies. If your pup whines or in any way pesters for attention disregarded it. You don’t want it to learn that whining is an effective way to train humans! Rewards, and gentle discipline, should be immediate, not even seconds after the fact. Dogs are amazingly intelligent but don’t expect your dog to think in the abstract the way we do. Dogs simply don’t understand conditional ideas. You might say, “If you do that again Bean I’ll be really, really cross.” but all Bean understands is, “Blah blah blah blah blah Bean blah blah blah blah blah.”

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