We Recommend Puppy Classes


If you have or had children, did they go to pre-school or kindergarten? That’s what puppy classes are for pups, an opportunity for developing social skills with others, both in their own age group and with grown-ups. Puppy play school, also called puppy classes, puppy parties or puppy kindergarten is the perfect place for both you and your pup to learn the basic rules of living with each other. As far as we’re concerned there’s no better investment of your time and money than in joining well-run weekly puppy classes. Nina Bondarenko’s puppy classes, across the road in the church hall, are restricted to recommended pups over 8 weeks old and under 16 weeks of age.

At puppy parties your pup socialises with other pups and with other people. Nina gives you and your pup professional help with continuing basic training. She initially places the shyest, gentlest pups together in a smaller group (usually with a “perfect” pup who helps ginger the group into a little activity) and if any pup is genuinely frightened, that one initially sits on the sidelines and just watches until it’s confident enough to join the “shy” group. Most pups indulge in typical play but sometimes there’s a very forceful and dominant pup that always plays to win. Nina’s trainers will take that pup’s owner aside and arrange special training so that the bossy pup doesn’t always win and doesn’t disrupt the class. The same applies to noisy barkers. They too get remedial attention. Classes let your pup meet other dogs and other people under well-controlled circumstances. What’s really happening is that you’re being trained in how to train your dog.

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