Third Eyelid Conditions


What The Third Eyelid Does

The third eyelid (Nictitating Membrane), also called the nictitating membrane or the haw, does for a pet's eyes what our forefingers do for ours. The third eyelid mechanically sweeps the eye, removing minor irritants. Watch your pet as it falls asleep. The third eyelid moves over the eye even before the eyelids are completely closed. A gland behind the third eyelid produces almost half of the eyes lubricating tears.

Third Eyelid Protrusion In Dogs - Cherry Eye

The third eyelid gland can dislocate from its normal position at the bottom of the third eyelid pushing the leading edge of the third eyelid away from the eyeball. The gland looks like a round, glistening pink mass in the corner of the eye.


Often, under local anaesthetic drops, the gland can be pushed back into its normal position. However, the problem is likely to recur unless a minor surgical procedure is carried out to fix the position of the gland. The third eyelid and its associated gland should not be removed unless there are overwhelming reasons to do so.

Eversion Or Scrolling Of The Third Eyelid

Eversion of the leading edge of the third eyelid may occur in one or both eyes. The thin edge curls outward in a scroll causing mild conjunctival irritation


The scrolled-over cartilage is surgically removed.

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