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Your pet's eyes should be bright, glistening and free of debris and discharge. The skin around the eyes should appear healthy and normal. When carrying out routine grooming, take special care around the eyes with brushes and combs. If mucous from the eyes has discharged onto surrounding skin remove it with damp cotton wool. If the mucus has dried into a hard crust, as frequently occurs with Yorkshire terriers and Persian cats, soak the crust to make it soft then carefully remove it with your fingers or damp cotton wool. Check your pet's eyes each day for any evidence of problems.

How To Give Eye Medicines

Make certain that any medicine gets where it is supposed to get. This means that treating any eye condition may be a team effort. While one person holds and reassures your pet, the other instills the medication.

Eye ointment and drops

  1. Speak calmly to your pet. With dogs tell it to sit where it cannot back away, for example in a corner. Put a small dog on a table. Wrap your cat in a bath towel.
  2. Clean away any eye discharge with cotton wool dampened in tepid or warm water.
  3. Support your hand holding the tube of ointment against the pet's head. This prevents the ointment container from hitting the eye if the patient moves.
  4. Squeeze a line of ointment onto the eyeball. Ointments run more smoothly if the tube is first warmed in your hands.
  5. Close the eye. This spreads the ointment evenly over the eye and throughout the socket. Cold ointments often appear grey/white but with body heat become colourless within minutes.
  6. If using drops tilt the head slightly backwards and from above squeeze an eye drop on the upper part of the eye.
  7. Praise your pet and give it a food or toy reward.

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