Near Drowning


Some dogs love water and some don’t. Regardless of how good a swimmer your dog is be sensible when near water. Currents and cold are just as potentially lethal to dogs as they are to us. Keep your dog out of water you would not go in. *When boating, put a life jacket on your dog. If your dog has a near-drowning accident, be sensible. Do not put yourself at serious risk when rescuing your dog.

  1. Rescue the dog. In winter, if your dog has fallen through ice, be sensible. Don’t risk your own life.
  2. If the dog is conscious, wrap it in a towel and keep it warm.
  3. If the dog is unconscious drain the lungs of water by holding it upside down for 10-20 seconds, giving several downward shakes.
  4. Lay the dog with its head lower that its lungs. Clear debris from the mouth and pull out the tongue.
  5. Check for a heart beat. If there is none begin CPR.
  6. If the heart is beating but the dog is not breathing give artificial respiration.
  7. Serious life threatening problems can occur hours after a near drowning incident. Take the dog for immediate veterinary attention.

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