Some plants are poisonous.Most of the following will just cause an upset stomach but some of these plants, shrubs and bushes are deadly. If your dog or cat is a stick chewer or plant eater, take care with the following. We've highlighted those that are very dangerous.

Amaryllis leaves and flower
Autumn crocus bulbs
Azalia stems and leaves
Bird of Paradise stems
Bleeding heart flower and stem
Box bark, stems and leaves
Castor bean seeds (very dangerous)
Cherry laurel wood and branches (very dangerous)
Chinaberry tree wood and branches  
Clematis stems and leaves
Daffodil bulbs
Delphinium plants
Dumb cane leaves (very dangerous)
English ivy fruit
Flower bulbs of any kind
Foxglove (lupin) stems and flowers
Hemlock wood, bark and leaves (very dangerous
Holly berries
Jasmine leaves
Jerusalem cherry leaves and flower
Jimsonweed or thorn apple (very dangerous
Larkspur stem
Laburnum bark, flowers and leaves
Lily of the valley leaves and flowers
Lilies (very dangerous to cats)
Lupin stems and flowers
Mistletoe berries (very poisonous)
Mushrooms - any you cannot identify as safe) 
Oleander bark, stems and leaves
Poinsettia leaves
Precatory bean seeds
Privet bush stems and leaves
Rhododendron leaves
Rhubarb leaves
Skunk cabbage leaves and flower
Tomato vines
Virginia creeper bark and stems
Wisteria bark and leaves
Yew bark, needles and seeds (very dangerous)

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