Words You May Hear Us Use


  • STRAIN - A strain means damage to muscle fibres and tendons. Strains are often accompanied by slight bleeding and bruising.
  • SPRAIN - Sprains do not involve muscle. A sprain is an injury caused by overstretching a ligament. It causes similar lameness to a muscle strain.
  • CRAMP - Painful cramp occurs when muscle filaments, the components of muscle fibres, remain permanently contracted. This occurs most frequently in canine athletes.
  • TEAR - Ligaments, tendons, whole muscles or parts of muscles can tear.
  • FRACTURE - The most common fractures cause the two or more parts of broken bone to separate. These are called 'complete' fractures. Less common fractures split or compress bone without separation. These are more difficult to diagnose.
  • JOINT LAXITY - How loose a joint feels when it is examined. This is particularly important with hip dysplasia and patella luxation.
  • DISLOCATION (LUXATION) - A bone that separates from its adjoining bone at a joint has been dislocated. Dislocations often involve ligament tears. A partial separation is a subluxation.

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