Food And Kidney Disease


The target of dietary management is to minimise clinical signs of kidney failure, help maintain the dog’s well-being and if possible prolong its life. Unlike us, dogs with kidney disease rarely experience hypertension. A diet for kidney disease should provide the following.

  • Moderately reduced level of highly digestible protein with a high biological value.
  • A good source of non-protein calories
  • Restricted phosphorus
  • Fibre to trap nitrogen waste products
  • B vitamins and a good balance of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to reduce renal inflammation.

All major pet food manufacturers produce a range of “veterinary” diets formulated to help dogs with kidney disease. These include Eukanuka Renal Formula, Waltham Early Renal Support, Waltham Renal Support, Hill’s K/D, Hill’s U/D, Purina Renal Failure. We will give you specific advice.

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