Puppy Facts


Eating Faeces Is Dog Normal

During the first days, when her young are most vulnerable, mothers instinctively understand how defenseless they are. Maternal aggression is perhaps the most fearsome of all forms of aggression. A mother may risk death itself to defend her litter. But she also has subtler ways of defending them and consuming their waste products is the most effective. Waste management reduces risk from disease microorganisms that may multiply in a contaminated nest. Cat mothers move their litter, usually a day or two after birth. Dog mothers may do so too. Eating their progeny’s faeces also removes many of the scents that predators might follow. Evolution has made this a simple process. The newborn empty their bladders and bowels only when their anogenital regions are licked by the mother. As the young discharges – solid and liquid – it’s consumed by Mum. This is an activity that some dogs that are not mothers also engage in.

Tail Amputation In Dogs Is For Fashion

Breeders and lovers of a specific breed “that’s always had their tails docked” will give many arguments why tails should be docked and they’re all spurious. Breeders want tails docked simply because they like the look of dogs without tails. It’s no more complicated than that. Docking is usually done at a joint between two tail bones or vertebrae. If there were an equivalent in humans it would be making a depression in the skin on a newborn’s baby finger then rotating it at one of the phalangeal joints until you rotated it enough that you successfully removed the finger with minimal bleeding. We have never docked tails and are pleased that it is now illegal except in highly restricted circumstances for a limited number of working breeds.

Cute Fat Puppies

Breeders just love to send their pups off to their new homes looking like plump, shiny toys. These pups certainly are cute but there’s a hidden problem with early plumpness. Nutritionists suspect that the number of fat cells that a pup develops early in life – and don’t kid yourself, plump means fat – is directly related to being overweight or obese later in life. Metabolically speaking, a dog may defend

its initial number of fat cells. That’s why losing weight later in life is so much more difficult for dogs that were fat during puppyhood than for those that were once lean and got fat later in life. There’s also research that indicates that skinny dogs live much longer, on average 18 months longer in Labrador Retrievers, than littermates that are even slightly overweight. If a breeder has produced a litter of Humpty Dumptys, your first task is to get that pup back to what its ideal weight should be. Our nurses will give you detailed and very specific advice.

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