Weaning To Solid Food


Breeders wean the young off mother’s milk onto solid food between three and six weeks of age, just as the mother would do if she were living rough. Breeders do this by first mixing equal parts of evaporated milk with crushed and moistened dry puppy or kitten food, baby cereal, prepared baby food, canned puppy or kitten food, scrambled egg or cottage cheese. The young start by licking the mix off a finger, then from the finger in a saucer and soon from the saucer itself. Some are quite sloppy eaters while others are fastidious. Once a pup or kit is an enthusiastic solid food eater – and this only takes a few days, breeders start to reduce the food they feed mother. (They doubled her food in the first week after birth and did so again during the following weeks so that three weeks after birth, when the mother was producing her maximum amount of milk, she was eating three times her normal amount of energy.)

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