Special Diets


Special Diets Control Medical Conditions

Some cats are genetically predisposed to develop a variety of urinary problems, lumped together under the acronym LUTD, lower urinary tract disorder.

LUTD is more likely to develop in overweight, lazy, indoor, tom cats that eat dry food. It causes pain or life threatening urinary blockage. When dry foods first became popular in the 1970s we saw a virtual epidemic of LUTD simply because several dry food makers got their formulas wrong. LUTD is no longer as prevalent as it once was. Good cat food makers formulate to prevent it and produce additional ‘urinary diets’ for those that develop it. They also produce ‘renal diets’ for cats that develop age or breed-related kidney failure together with various other wet and dry ‘veterinary diets’ to help cats lose weight, recover from serious illness or surgery or overcome gastro-intestinal disturbances. We can advise you whether a special diet may be beneficial for your cat. If one is, it can be collected from the clinic or delivered to you.

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