Cook For Your Cat


Your cat will probably love you even more if you cook fresh food daily for it. There is information on home cooking on the internet although none of what we’ve read meets our minimum standard of nutritional reliability. At the London Veterinary Clinic we give our own cats fresh cooked meat (and bones) together with a main diet of high quality wet or dry cat foods. Please take care if you are feeding your cat a raw meat diet. While it may be recommended as ‘natural’, there is the obvious risk of Salmonella bacteria in raw poultry and the additional risk from the protozoan parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. Eating undercooked or raw meat is the most common way we contract toxo but we can also contract it from cat faeces during the weeks after a cat first consumes this parasite. Bone-rich food such as cooked chicken necks is an excellent source of nourishment and it exercises the teeth and gums but take care, especially if you have a voracious or competitive eater.

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