Normal Dog Mating


  1. Arrange for two matings around the twelfth day of heat, one or two days apart. Bear in mind that some bitches ovulate as early as seven days into their cycle and others at up to 16 days after the onset of estrus.
  2. Take your bitch to the stud dog. Many dogs have difficulty performing away from home. If your bitch is nervous or shy and the male is assertive, let him visit her territory. In hot weather let them meet and mate indoors.
  3. Minimise distractions. Keep people quiet and activity subdued. When there are no signs of aggression let both dogs off their leads so they can introduce themselves.
  4. A little romping, flirting and mutual sniffing is a good predictor of successful mating. If however, the female shows signs of aggression and is unwilling to "stand" for the male, or if he shows no interest in her it is likely that you have got her ovulation date wrong and she is not prepared for mating. Plan to repeat the procedure two days later. Don't persist! It’s unfair on your dog and will only lead to greater difficulties when further attempts are made.
  5. If the bitch is ready to mate she obligingly holds her tail to the side and stands quietly. Inexperienced males may mount the wrong end and could need guidance.
  6. Ensure that a proper "tie" occurs. A "tie" occurs when the bulbourethral gland on the penis swells and the vulva contracts around it, preventing the dog from withdrawing his penis from the bitch's vagina. If this happens to the dog before sex, the swollen bulbourethral gland prevents entry. (Human males have sperm-storing regions called seminal vesicles but dogs don’t. During ejaculation a dog's sperm has to travel all the way from the site of manufacture in the testicles. When a dog ejaculates the first clear part of ejaculate has little sperm in it. The next cloudy part is sperm-laden. This is followed by prostatic fluid that flushes out the urethra, neutalises acidity in the vagina and provides nourishing energy for the journey sperm must embark upon from the vagina to the Fallopian tubes.)
  7. During the 20 to 40 minutes of a typical "tie" the male may lift his leg over the female so that they face away from each other. We may think this is uncomfortable but it is probably an inherited defensive position to protect themselves while the tie continues. (Dogs don’t appreciate jokes at this time.) A prolonged tie may be painful to the bitch. Be prepared for her to turn and snap at the male when it ends. A tie lasting a few minutes seldom causes discomfort and is usually successful.
  8. Visit us three weeks later to confirm pregnancy.


  • Avoid giving a helping hand to assist a dog gain entry. Especially in young, excited males your helping hand is likely to lead to their ejaculating before entry.
  • Very hairy bitches can create a challenge even for experienced stud dogs. Help either by clipping hair from around the vulva or holding it to the side to help the male gain entry.
  • Take care with large, potentially aggressive individuals. Use muzzles if you feel there is possible risk to you or to the dogs themselves.

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