Sharing A Toilet


Do You Want To Share Your Toilet With Your Cat?

Personally, we prefer our cats to use their own toilets and our human families to use theirs but if you really want to share yours with your cat start by placing the cat’s litter tray beside your toilet and place a similar toilet seat over the cat’s litter tray.

Over a few weeks, using telephone books or other suitable articles gradually increase the height of the litter tray, always rewarding your cat for using the ever higher toilet seat covered litter tray. Once the litter tray and your toilet are the same height, your cat may naturally cross over and use your toilet. If not, purchase from our on-line shop a tray that fits under your toilet seat, specially made to train cats to use human toilets. This allows you to put litter in the tray so your cat can cover its poop. Check out the internet for videos such as those on to see how they work. Flushing is best left to you although if you’re obsessed with the idea of your cat sharing your toilet you might be willing to invest in the type of infra-red beam automatic flush used in many public lavatories!

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