Less Common Brain Diseases


  • Many other brain conditions cause inflammation to the brain – encephalitis - or inflammation to the tissue surrounding the brain - meningitis. These inflammations require specific treatments.
  • While distemper and rabies remain worldwide the most common causes of canine encephalitis, the former is prevented by routine inoculation and the latter does not exist in the UK. Other causes of encephalitis include:
  • Other viruses
  • Bacteria from head or neck infections
  • Tick-borne parasites
  • Lead poisoning
  • Bacterial meningitis reaches the meninges via the blood stream. The infection may come from a bite wound, gum infection, middle ear infection and other sites.
  • Both encephalitis and meningitis cause depression, behaviour changes, loss of coordination and often a fever.
  • Clinical signs together with CSF analysis gives most clues to the cause of encephalitis and meningitis.

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