Common Mistakes


"Chasing Rabbits" In Dreams

Pets dream the same way we do. During deep or "activated" sleep dogs in particular may have rapid eye movements (REMs), paddle with their feet, twitch their lips and noses, sometimes even bark. "Chasing rabbits" during sleep is perfectly normal. It is not a form of seizure.

Insect Stings, Frenzied Behaviour And Seizures

The wild activity of frenzied behaviour after an insects sting, running back and forth, yelping, not responding to your attempts to give comfort, may be mistaken for a seizure but there is no urinating, defecating or loss of consciousness. If the insect sting is in the mouth there may be swelling or salivating.

Seizures, Strokes And Heart Attacks

If your pet collapses, it may be difficult to determine whether the collapse was caused by a seizure, stroke or heart failure. Strokes are not common in pets. Heart failure usually causes visible blanching of the gums. Whatever the possible cause of collapse your pet should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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