Spraying Urine


Spraying urine is completely different. A cat naturally marks its home territory with its urine. While males are more likely to back up against a wall or door or leg of a table and spray urine on it, both sexes may do so, even after they’re neutered. Spraying is a normal cat activity and it can be triggered unexpectedly by stress, for example when your cat feels threatened by a new person or animal in its home, even by your moving furniture from previous locations. Another cat on your cat’s territory is a classic stress but sometimes it can be extremely difficult to work out why your cat has started spraying or urine marking. Whatever the cause, use Feliway, an anti-stress pheromone spray. We prefer the plug-in form that automatically emits spray throughout the day. Place it in the room with the litter tray and follow the instructions on the product. Feliway is always available from the clinic. Refills can be purchased from our on-line shop or from the clinic.

Anxiety Urinating?

Some cats urinate more frequently, often in strange places such as bathtubs or sinks or even frying pans because of a form of cystitis that is related to neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain. This surprisingly common cause of urinating outside the litter tray may develop in any cat but is more common in indoor cats. It requires medical and dietary management. Please contact us if this is happening with your cat.

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