Inappropriate Elimination In Cats


The last thing a cat wants to do is soil its own home. That’s why cats are pre-wired to dig holes in soil or sand, pee or poop in them then rake over the material to cover the excavation. The smell of the used site brings them back to use it again and again. Cats arrive in our homes programmed to use litter trays, to behave as we desire from animals living in the close confines of our homes. To maintain a cat’s inherently hygienic toileting habits all you need do is clean out its latrine every one to two days. That frequency depends on the type of litter tray you use and your cat’s need for a hygienic tray. But it’s not always that easy. The cat’s most common behaviour ‘problem’ is ‘inappropriate elimination’, emptying the bladder or bowels where you don’t want them emptied. In reality, the cat’s behaviour may be ‘inappropriate’ to us but it’s really doing what it’s doing for logical and sensible reasons.

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