Accidents Will Happen


When you see your dog relieving itself in the house, get its attention by shouting, not to frighten or punish but rather to get its mind on you. If you frighten it or if it thinks you’re angry, unwittingly you’ll teach it to be more selective with its toileting. Your pup will learn to sneak away to relieve itself, making it harder for you to train it.

As soon as you have its attention call its name then briskly walk to your back door or designated toileting area. You want to encourage it willingly to follow you to where it should toilet. After the excitement of watching you has subsided it’ll complete what it started earlier. When you return to the house, keep it in another room while you clean up the mess. Don’t punish your dog for what it’s done earlier. It won’t get it. It’ll simply think that you’re angry with it and it’ll respond by acting submissively, by groveling or hiding. it does this to appease you, to extinguish the flame of your anger. We make the mistake of thinking that its signs of appeasement are signs of guilt. They’re not. We cannot emphasise this enough. Punishing after the fact is counterproductive. You’re only teaching your pup that you’re irrational and unpredictable. Punishment when you return to a mess in the house is interpreted as punishment when you return.

Thoroughly Clean Up All Accidents

The sensitivity of a dog’s nose is simply beyond our comprehension. Routine cleaning and disinfecting may mask odours for us but will not get rid of the residual odours left by messing. These natural smells draw your dog back to the site so it’s vitally important to break down odour molecules. We can supply you with enzyme containing odour eliminators, either from the clinic or our on-line shop. In our experience these work well. As an alternative, mix biological (enzyme-containing) washing powder with hot water and liberally soak the area. Alcohol will also break down odours. Avoid any cleanser with ammonia. Ammonia is a natural body by-product. It will attract rather than repel a dog from a site. If carpet is soiled, the underlay, even the floor beneath should be treated with any odour eliminating product. White vinegar and water is good for removing stains from carpets.

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