Indoor Training


Indoor Training Needs A Designated Area

Housetraining without immediate access to the outdoors is a bit more complicated. Indoor paper training to newspaper, a litter tray or commercially produced disposable pet pads (available from our on-line shop) becomes the pragmatic second choice. Paper training is, realistically, a practical way to train apartment pups but remember, if you use this method you prolong the training period. You’re training your pup to mess on paper, then later when it has control of its bladder and bowels, you will need to retrain it not to mess on paper but rather to mess outdoors.

If not using a crate the easiest way to paper train is to restrict your pup to one room or one area of a room where the floor has been covered in plastic sheeting on top of which you lay lots of newspaper. In these circumstances, your pup can only relieve herself on the newspaper. You’ll see over a few days that she prefers several specific spots. When removing soiled newspaper, save small bits to place in the areas where you want your dog to urinate. It takes less than a week for a pup to be trained to eliminate in these areas. Day by day you reduce the paper-covered areas until only a few are needed. At the same time take your dog out as frequently as possible so that it learns to use an outdoor toilet as well, for example the gutter of the road. Just as with any other form of house training, only let your pup investigate other parts of your home after it’s pooped and peed on the litter tray (fine with small dogs), piddle pad or newspaper.

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