Using A Crate


Using A Crate Accelerates Toilet Training

A dog instinctively feels comfortable in the security of its own den and doesn’t want to mess in it.

Your pup’s crate is a natural den. You may think it looks like a prison but it’s not to your pup, unless you use it wrongly. Dogs like crates, the same as dogs like going under kitchen tables, or behind sofas or under beds. Your pup’s crate should be comfortable and contain activities for its amusement but not be so large that it can leave its bedding and mess in another part of it. If you have a pup that will grow rapidly and have a large crate more suitable for when it’s bigger, use a large cardboard carton to block off a section of the crate so its not too large an area for your pup. Crate training speeds up house training enormously because a dog is either in its crate, out of the crate toileting where you want it to toilet or discovering the rest of the world because it’s just emptied both tanks. A crate gives you time to concentrate on other matters rather than on your pup for 24 hours each day.

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