Introduce The Dog Walker


Introduce The Dog Walker, Minder Or Sitter

Once your pup has learned to obediently walk on its lead you can rely on others to take care of him or her. We can put you in touch with professional dog walkers, minders and sitters although we must emphasise that it is for you to decide whether an individual meets your requirements. We can also give you names of doggy day care centres and these too can be utilized once your pup obediently walks on its lead. A conscientious dog walker exercises only a small number of dogs at a time, usually no more than four. He or she will want to meet you dog, play with her and see how it responds to commands before taking it on. You should be asked for proof your dog is vaccinated not only against the most common canine infections but also against “kennel cough” a single name for a variety of infections that cause a transmissible canine cough.

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