Your calm and exceptional counselling when Lettice was first diagnosed and throughout the last 10 and a bit years allowed me to enjoy the most wonderful and magical time of my life. It has meant everything to me knowing you are just a phone call away and happy to answer even the most stupid of questions. I know because I asked them.

Jo Bowlby

Hugo, we all want to thank you for your expertise in diagnosing Lucy's illness and preventing a  catastrophic event for Lucy and us.

Jane H

I really appreciate the time you have taken to explain everything. Thank you Angela and Veronica for your outstanding patience with me.

Amy Bramm

Though I come from a family of vets I have never before encountered such superb care. It is an absolute pleasure being a client at such a superb veterinary practice.

Lucyann Barry

Truly you are a practice full of humanity, kindness and excellent veterinary skills.

Honor and Zaffy Williams

You are all such wonderful people and we are deeply grateful for all that you do.

Kebbie and Rebecca Sebastian

You and your team are real heroes. You will ALWAYS be our vet!

Maya and Rio

I just felt I had to say thank you. We were so reassured after our appointment today. Bentley was so relaxed in the welcoming reception environment, which has never been the case elsewhere and that was so good to see. We now feel that we have a diagnosis for Bentley's limp and shall follow your guidance. Your advice was confident and practical and we shall hope to return Bentley to full health by the Summer.

Bentley's owners

Thank you to all the nurses who create such a happy atmosphere: warm, sympathetic but also fun, sometimes even chaotic but always caring. I'd like to take the entire NHS on a trip to your vets to teach them something about patient care!

Mark Ford

I love the clinic, all the staff, especially Bruce Fogle and especially Bruce Fogle's treats...can't wait to go back.. Fergus, the Black Labrador


Bruce has been 'my vet' for 25 years having first visited the clinic when living in Marylebone. I now live in Shoreditch but wouldn't go any where else. Everyone at the clinic are wonderful, caring, supportive and above all animal lovers. The greatest care is given from routine check ups to the times that are hard. I always say if I get hit by bus don't take me to a local hospital, take me to Bruce Fogle!

Nick F

We just want to express how wonderful and supportive you are. Grant was absolutely fantastic and explained in clear English what was going on. And Bruce is always great. We all love Katy to bits and can't thank you all enough - and a very big THANK YOU from Katy.

Vicki, Paul, Charlotte and Chloe

Hugo and the friendly staff at the London Vet Clinic could not have been more, personable, informative and welcoming! Not only were our concerns about our Westie put to rest, but we were also given some helpful advice and suggestions which was very much appreciated! A+ to them! We left feeling very happy and thankful to have found people who really care about what they do! Thank you!

Jade, Kit and Harvey

What can I say..?! If I would be a pet...I couldn't be in better hands. Thank you so much, for everything. I owe you the last few months I spent with Dennis, my beloved enigmatic cat.The best practice ever!!!

Filipa P. Lopes

It is not only your technical skills, but also the attention, friendliness and warmth which to me, sets your practice apart from any other veterinary practice I know. Having a business myself I know this does not just happen and it says a lot about the people running it.

Evert de Graaf and Puck

I wish we had vets like you in Kiev.


Thank you for your wonderful veterinary skills in looking after my beautiful little Shelly. You have a marvellous team of very special people, but you know that.


Worcester looks on visits to York Street as a treat and an exciting outing. I doubt if there can be many veterinary practices where that can be said.

Kenneth Stern

It is a great clinic and the kindness to all including owners makes such a difference. We have been coming for over 20 years - since my children were small - and it's always been that way.

Mary P.

I have been meaning to say this for some time. You clearly have a great knack of building a truly magnificent team around you. There is no weak link anywhere. I can't tell how much of a comfort it is to us knowing that whenever we need to contact the clinic we will find understanding, compassion, professionalism and fun all dispensed in the right measure at the right time. Yours sincerely Jeremy Day

Jeremy Day

I just want to say 'thank you' for always looking after my Bendog (and me) so brilliantly. No matter how small the problem, I never feel silly to ask. Thank you.

Kelly Smith

Thank you to everyone at London Vet Clinic for being so patient and honest with us at all times. We have recommended you to all our friends and family.

John and Joan Smith

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