We're lucky at the clinic. Every day we meet wonderful people who offer their homes to family companions. Sunny, a big bronze Labrador Retriever, never really liked visiting us but we knew him for over 12 years and when the inevitable finally occurred, and his kidneys failed, this is the beautiful thank you Sunny's family sent us. 
Dear London Vet Clinic.
Our 'Sunny Sunshine" died at home, peacefully. He lived 12 vital years filled with all manner of adventure.  He enriched our lives. We are grieving the loss of our companion though deeply grateful to have had him in our lives.
Sunny was never a fan of visits to any vet, however we have happily recommended your practice to a number of good friends over the years, and will continue to do so.
You supported us in a great many ways, from Ashley's grounded and informed nutritional advice to Bruce's steady wisdom (and great knack for keeping Sunny out of the vet's!), from Stephen's good manner with Sunny at the clinic, to Jen's handling of ever more insurance claim forms, from Jo's caring clarity and responsive nature to Hugo's compassionate sharing of hard truths, and all the genuinely caring nurses who also nobly hold fort at a full flowing reception. Forget all the superhero movies. You are each and every one genuine, real heroes. We just want to say from all of Sunny's family, Thank You.

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