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Along with other sanctuary sponsors I recently attended a conservation talk from Giles Clark, the director of the Big Cat Sanctuary.  This is not a conventional zoo with doors open to the public, however as a sponsor of the sanctuary you have the opportunity to exclusive invitations for open days, overnight stays and bespoke events.
Giles spoke of the health of the cats in the wild and how donations from the sanctuary go to help the big cat’s security in their natural habitats. 

Sadly some of the big cat population numbers are decreasing and many, like the beautiful Amur leopard, are now on the IUCN Red List.  In 2007 only 19–26 wild leopards were estimated to have survived in south eastern Russia and north eastern China.

It is heartbreaking to think that there are only around 500 Siberian tigers left in Russia and the surrounding areas, their habitat is at risk and conservationists are forever on the fight against the illegal poachers. 

Tiger head on.jpg  

Giles has hand reared Willow, an orphaned cheetah and Maya, a Jaguar and both are resident at the sanctuary.  You can follow their journeys on BBC’s documentary “Big Cats About the House.” 

You might consider adopting one of the many felines at the sanctuary this will help with the husbandry of the cats and also supports ongoing conservation projects.

With the efforts of the Big Cat Sanctuary and other organisations combined, the message is being spread and the words are being heard. The big cats need our help, to thrive and survive before it’s too late.

With thanks to Giles Clark and of course the cats,  I hope you enjoy a few of my photos from such a wonderful day. Have a look at the Big Cat Sanctuary website for more information.

Tina Leake RVN

Tina and Giles.jpg
Tina with Giles Clark, Sanctuary Director

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