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A recent ground-breaking study at the Royal Veterinary College has changed the way we treat Cavalier King Charles spaniels for their most common form of heart disease. 

We have learned that by identifying heart changes caused by “mitral valve disease” early  - before outward signs are visible – with tablets we can significantly slow the progression of the disease, giving affected individuals more valuable time living life to the full.
Because the results of this study are so striking, during October and November we’d like to give all our Cavalier dog owners a complimentary heart check, where one of our vets will listen to your dog’s heart to check it is healthy. This heart health check requires only a short visit to us.

If a “Grade 3” or greater murmur is detected we recommend an ultrasound scan of the heart to examine it in more detail. Our normal fee is £240 but during October and November, our cardiologist, Mr Grant Petrie MA VetMB Cert SAC Cert SAM MRCVS will conduct the scan for a reduced cost of £120 inclusive of VAT.

Please call us on 020 7723 2068 if you would like more information or to book a complimentary heart check appointment.


Below is a video by Professor Adrian Bosworth of the Royal Veterinary College with further information regarding the study:

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