Gatsby loves his food. He thinks he's a Labrador in disguise, a life support system for his stomach! That's why when he refused to eat, his owner immediately brought him to Hugo. When Hugo saw that Gatsby didn't want his mouth opened he decided to x-ray.
You can see why Gatsby was refusing food. The needle in the back of his throat was as long as his little lungs are wide. Hugo set up an intravenous drip: he knew it was likely there was thread attached to the needle and he might have to operate on Gatsby. When he found the needle, pierced through Gatsby's pharynx, under anaesthetic he was able to remove it together with 20 cm of thread in the kitten's stomach.It hadn't yet entered the intestines where thread can act like a saw leading to infection and death
Gatsby would like to remind all cat owners never to leave thread or yarn lying around. Playing with it is addictive and extremely dangerous. There was a happy ending to Gatsby's meal but that's not always so. Click on the second picture to see Gatsby after he awakened from his anaesthetic.

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