Take Advantage Of Daily Routines


During these first weeks with you, take advantage of the guaranteed highlights to your pup’s day.

Discover what it values most, food, toys or games and associate these and the sound of its name with training to “Come” to them. During training sessions, usually just before meals, when its mind is most alert, it’s easiest to get your pup’s attention in the quietest and dullest part of your home. This is often a hallway. Have a selection of rewards so that when distractions do occur you can increase the value of the reward you can offer. Once you easily get its attention there, graduate to more stimulating locales where there are more distractions, a larger, quiet room, a room where there’s more activity, a back garden if you have one and eventually, the parks. Of course remember that the more you both practice, the more reliable you both become. Practice your basic obedience exercises for just a minute at a time but do this frequently, 15 to 20 times a day is wonderful. Use tiny treats during training sessions, part of the day’s allotment of food.

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